Vegetable Appetizers

Penny Fix
Aloo Chilli
fried crisp potato with blend of incredible spices
Aloo Tikki
mashed potato patties with yogurt and blend of spices
Chat Papri
special crisp in a mildly sweetened yogurt sauce, garnished with cilantro
Masala Fries
fresh hand cut fries
Paneer Pakora
fresh paneer with spices
Paneer Tikka
fresh paneer with vegetable roasted in clay oven
Samosa Chat
topping with chick peas yogurt and tamarind
Vegetable Manchurin
crisp mixed vegetables with soya sauce and spices
Vegetable Pakora
fresh vegetable fritters of spinach, potato and onion
Vegetable Samosa
crisp pastry filled with potatoes and peas